The New Praise Radio
A JRS Management Company

Station Management & Programing
General Manager, Sales, Jerry R. Silvers
Program & Music Director, Phil Porche

Promotion, Sales or Music submitted for consideration.

All music material must be copy written and delivered audio CD or MP3 format by Email at or  or U.S. Postal Service to:

The New Praise Radio

5718 Graymont Lane
Pensacola, Florida 32526

Inquire about our regional offices in Tallahasse, Florida, Clarksville, Tennessee, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, California,  and Dayton, Ohio

Billing Payment.
All first-time financial transactions should be made by calling  931-547-9559. Or Contact your sales representative.

Visit Our Facebook pages Search: @newpraiseradio, and @morningswithjerrysilvers

Listen to us on iTunes and TuneIn. Search New Praise Radio or visit our website at

All inquiries may be made to (931) 547-9559, Email us at
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